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Book Reviews


OSSIAN BINGLEY HART: FLORIDA’S LOYALIST RECONSTRUCTION GOVERNOR, by Canter Brown Jr., reviewed by David J. Coles; W. W. LORING: FLORIDA’S FORGOTTEN GENERAL, by James W. Raab, reviewed by Robert A. Taylor; CUBANS IN PUERTO RICO: ETHNIC ECONOMY AND CULTURAL IDENTITY, by Jose A. Cohas and Jorge Duany, reviewed by Maria Cristina Garcia, THE LESSER ANTILLES IN THE AGE OF EUROPEAN EXPANSION, edited by Robert L. Paquette and Stanley L. Engerman, reviewed by Sidney W. Mintz; JAMES EDWARD OGLETHORPE: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON HIS LIFE AND LEGACY, edited by John C. Inscoe, reviewed by Glenn T. Eskew; BOUNDED LIVES, BOUNDED PLACES: FREE BLACK SOCIETY IN COLONIAL NEW ORLEANS, 1769-1803, by Kimberly S. Hanger, reviewed by F. Todd Smith; BETWEEN AUTHORITY AND LIBERTY: STATE CONSTITUTION MAKING IN REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA, by Marc W. Kruman, reviewed by John E. Selby; THE LONG AFFAIR: THOMAS JEFFERSON AND THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, 1785-1800, by Conor Cruise O’Brien, reviewed by Richard C. Rohrs; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOL. 22, NOVEMBER 1, 1784-NOVEMBER 6, 1785, edited by Paul H. Smith and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; DRED SCOTT'S ADVOCATE: A BIOGRAPHY OF ROSWELL M. FIELD, by Kenneth C. Kaufman, reviewed by Lawrence Frederick Kohl; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: SLAVE WORK AND FAMILY LIFE IN ANTEBELLUM SOUTH CAROLINA, by Larry E. Hudson Jr., reviewed by Sharla Fett; “AIN’T GONNA LAY MY ‘LIGION DOWN”: AFRICAN AMERICAN RELIGION IN THE SOUTH, edited by Alonzo Johnson and Paul Jerslid, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; THE UNION SOLDIER IN BATTLE: ENDURING THE ORDEAL OF COMBAT, by Earl J. Hess, reviewed by David J. Coles; THADDEUS STEVENS: NINETEENTH-CENTURY EGALITARIAN, by Hans L. Trefousse, reviewed by G. B. Crawford; THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR: ATLANTIC COAST FARMWORKERS AND THE MAKING OF MIGRANT POVERTY, 1870-1945, by Cindy Hahamovitch, reviewed by Elizabeth Gillespie McRae; UNDER SENTENCE OF DEATH: LYNCHING IN THE SOUTH, edited by W. Fitzhugh Brundage, reviewed by Robert P. Ingalls; RISING TIDE: THE GREAT MISSISSIPPI FLOOD OF 1927 AND How IT CHANGED AMERICA, by John M. Barry, reviewed by Telemate A. Jackreece; THE REPUBLICANS: FROM LINCOLN TO BUSH, by Robert Allen Rutland, reviewed by Tracy E. Danese; THE WEIGHT OF THE YEN, by R. Taggart Murphy, reviewed by John O’Sullivan