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Book Reviews


SIXTEENTH-CENTURY ST. AUGUSTINE: THE PEOPLE AND THEIR HOMES, by Albert Manucy, reviewed by Paul E. Hoffman; KNIGHTS OF SPAIN, WARRIORS OF THE SUN: HERNANDO DE SOTO AND THE SOUTH’S ANCIENT CHIEFDOMS, by Charles Hudson, reviewed by John H. Hann; THE HERNANDO DE SOTO EXPEDITION: HISTORY, HISTORIOGRAPHY, AND “DISCOVERY” IN THE SOUTHEAST, edited by Patricia Galloway, reviewed by Amy Turner Bushnell; FROM PENSACOLA TO BELIZE: AN AMERICAN’S ODYSSEY THROUGH MEXICO IN 1903, by F. F. Bingham, reviewed by William S. Coker; EDISON IN FLORIDA: THE GREEN LABORATORY, by Olav Thulesius, reviewed by Michele Wehrwein Albion; AL BURT’S FLORIDA, by Al Burt, reviewed by Thomas Graham; ACROSS FORTUNE’S TRACKS: A BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM RAND KENAN JR., by Walter E. Campbell, reviewed by Paul S. George; FILIBUSTERS AND EXPANSIONISTS: JEFFERSONIAN MANIFEST DESTINY, 1800-1821, by Frank Lawrence Owsley Jr. and Gene A. Smith, reviewed by Robert E. May; A WOMAN’S WAR: SOUTHERN WOMEN, CIVIL WAR, AND THE CONFEDERATE LEGACY, edited by Edward D. C. Campbell Jr. and Kym S. Rice, reviewed by Mary Elizabeth Glade; TOKENS OF AFFECTION: THE LETTERS OF A PLANTER’S DAUGHTER IN THE OLD SOUTH, edited by Carol Bleser, reviewed by Tracy Jean Revels; FOR CAUSE & COMRADES: WHY MEN FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR, by James M. McPherson, reviewed by Canter Brown Jr.; THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Anthony Iacono; THE CAUSE LOST: MYTHS AND REALITIES OF THE CONFEDERACY, by William C. Davis, reviewed by Richard D. Starnes; RAPHAEL SEMMES: THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARINER, by Warren F. Spencer, reviewed by R. Thomas Crew Jr.; MEMOIRS OF SERVICE AFLOAT DURING THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, by Admiral Raphael Semmes, reviewed by R. Thomas Crew Jr.; REDEEMING THE SOUTH: RELIGIOUS CULTURES AND RACIAL IDENTITIES AMONG SOUTHERN BAPTISTS, 1865-1925, by Paul Harvey, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; A CAUTIOUS PATRIOTISM: THE AMERICAN CHURCHES AND THE SECOND WORLD WAR, by Gerald L. Sittser, reviewed by Charles R. Gallagher; DAYBREAK OF FREEDOM: THE MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTT, edited by Stewart Burns, reviewed by Glenn Feldman; BLACK WOMEN IN THE ACADEMY: PROMISES AND PERILS, edited by Lois Benjamin, reviewed by Mary B. Diallo; SOUTHERN PARTIES AND ELECTIONS: STUDIES IN REGIONAL POLITICAL CHANGE, edited by Robert P. Steed, Laurence W. Moreland, and Tod A. Baker, reviewed by Nicol C. Rae