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Book Reviews


LUMBERMEN AND LOG SAWYERS: LIFE, LABOR, AND CULTURE IN THE NORTH FLORIDA TIMBER INDUSTRY, 1830-1930, by Jeffrey A. Drobney, reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel; AN AMERICAN BEACH FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS, by Marsha Dean Phelts, reviewed by Donald Spivey; ALLIGATORS, PREHISTORIC PRESENCE IN THE AMERICAN LANDSCAPE, by Martha A. Strawn, reviewed by Dennis L. Scarnecchia; JANNUS, AN AMERICAN FLYER, by Thomas Reilly, reviewed by George Vergara; CONQUISTADOR IN CHAINS: CABEZA DE VACA AND THE INDIANS OF THE AMERICAS, by David A. Howard, reviewed by José B. Fernández; GOOD WIVES, NASTY WENCHES, AND ANXIOUS PATRIARCHS, by Kathleen M. Brown, reviewed by Sally E. Hadden; SPIRITS OF THE PASSAGE: THE TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY, by Madeline Burnside and Rosemarie Robotham, reviewed by Paul S. George; LIGHTHOUSES & KEEPERS: THE U. S. LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE AND ITS LEGACY, by Dennis L. Noble, reviewed by Sandra Henderson Thurlow; TRANSFORMING THE COTTON FRONTIER: MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA, 1800-1840, by Daniel S. Dupre, reviewed by Kenneth R. Johnson; PLAIN FOLK OF THE SOUTH REVISITED, edited by Samuel C. Hyde Jr., reviewed by James M. Denham; SHADES OF BLUE AND GRAY: AN INTRODUCTORY MILITARY HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, by Herman Hattaway, reviewed by Timothy D. Johnson; PICKETT’S CHARGE IN HISTORY & MEMORY, by Carol Reardon, reviewed by Anne J. Bailey; UNDER THE GUARDIANSHIP OF THE NATION: THE FREEDMEN’S BUREAU AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF GEORGIA, 1865-1870, by Paul A. Cimbala, reviewed by W. Warren Rogers Jr.; CULLEN MONTGOMERY BAKER, RECONSTRUCTION DESPERADO, by Barry A. Crouch and Donald E. Brice, reviewed by C. Fred Williams; THE TRIAL OF DEMOCRACY: BLACK SUFFRAGE & NORTHERN REPUBLICANS, 1860-1910, by Xi Wang, reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 14, APRIL-AUGUST 1868, edited by Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by Richard N. Current; GENDERED STRIFE AND CONFUSION: THE POLITICAL CULTURE OF RECONSTRUCTION, by Laura F. Edwards, reviewed by Grace Elizabeth Hale; A DEVIL AND A GOOD WOMAN, TOO: THE LIVES OF JULIA PETERKIN, by Susan Millar Williams, reviewed by Suzanne Marshall; SOUTHERN ODYSSEY: SELECTED WRITING BY SHERWOOD ANDERSON, edited by Welford Dunaway Taylor and Charles E. Modlin, reviewed by Thorne Compton; “WE AIN’T WHAT WE WAS”: CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE NEW SOUTH, by Frederick M. Wirt, reviewed by Anne Permaloff