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Book Reviews


ROSE COTTAGE CHRONICLES: CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF THE BRYANT-STEPHENS FAMILIES OF NORTH FLORIDA, edited by Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart, and Winston Bryant Stephens Jr., reviewed by Brian R. Rucker; THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA AND ITS PREDECESSOR COURTS, 1821-1917, Walter W. Manley II, editor and co-author; E. Canter Brown Jr., contributing editor and co-author; Eric W. Rise, co-author, reviewed by John J. Guthrie Jr.; GLADESMEN: GATOR HUNTERS, MOONSHINERS, AND SKIFFERS, by Glen Simmons and Laura Ogden, reviewed by John J. Guthrie Jr.; BIOARCHAEOLOGY OF NATIVE AMERICAN ADAPTATION IN THE SPANISH BORDERLANDS, edited by reviewed by Dean J. Saitta, Brenda J. Baker and Lisa Kealhofer; SLAVERY & THE LAW, edited by Paul Finkelman, reviewed by Jonathan Lurie; THE DEVIL’S LANE: SEX AND RACE IN THE EARLY SOUTH, edited by Catherine Clinton and Michele Gillespie, reviewed by Marcia G. Synnott; A HARD FIGHT FOR WE: WOMEN’S TRANSITION FROM SLAVERY TO FREEDOM IN SOUTH CAROLINA, by Leslie A. Schwalm, reviewed by Barbara Krauthamer; COME SHOUTING TO ZION: AFRICAN AMERICAN PROTESTANTISM IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH AND BRITISH CARIBBEAN TO 1830, by Sylvia R. Frey and Betty Wood, reviewed by Cynthia Lynn Lyerly; MASTERED BY THE CLOCK: TIME, SLAVERY, AND FREEDOM IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, by Mark M. Smith, reviewed by Alexis McCrossen; MANIFEST DESTINY AND EMPIRE: AMERICAN ANTEBELLUM EXPANSIONISM, by Robert W. Johannsen, John M. Belohlavek, Thomas R. Hietala, Samuel W. Haynes, and Robert . May, edited by Sam W. Haynes and Christopher Morris, reviewed by William Earl Weeks; PENITENTIARIES, REFORMATORIES, AND CHAIN GANGS: SOCIAL THEORY AND THE HISTORY OF PUNISHMENT IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, by Mark Colvin, reviewed by Henry Kamerling; “ONE HELL OF A GAMBLE”: KHRUSHCHEV, CASTRO AND KENNEDY, 1958-1964. by Aleksankr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali, reviewed by Frank DeBenedictis; WORKERS’ CONTROL IN LATIN AMERICA, 1930-1979, Edited by Jonathan C. Brown, reviewed by Victor M. Uribe; THE QUIET VOICES: SOUTHERN RABBIS AND BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS, 1880s TO 1990s edited by Mark K. Bauman and Berkley Kalin, reviewed by Mark I. Greenberg; GHOST DANCING ON THE CRACKER CIRCUIT: THE CULTURE OF FESTIVALS IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, by Rodger Lyle Brown, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTIN’, by Rick Bragg, reviewed by William W. Rogers; REGION, RACE, AND CITIES : INTERPRETING THE URBAN SOUTH, by David Goldfield, reviewed by Stan Deaton