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Book Reviews


THE APALACHEE INDlANS AND MISSION SAN LUIS, by John H. Hann, reviewed by Ronald Wayne Childers; FLORIDA'S BLACK PUBLIC OFFICIALS, 1867-1924, by Canter Brown Jr., reviewed by Joe M. Richardson, BLACK MlAMI IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by Manvin Dunn, reviewed by Paul S. George IMAGINING MIAMI: ETHNIC POLITICS IN A POSTMODERN WORLD, by Sheila L. Croucher, reviewed by William Marina; THE PACESETTER: THE UNTOLD STORY OF CARL G. FISHER, CREATOR OF THE INDY 500, MlAMI BEACH & THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY, by Jerry M. Fisher, reviewed by Paul S. George; THE COMPLETE COLONIAL GENTLEMAN: CULTURAL LEGITIMACY IN PLANTATION AMERICA, by Michael Rozbicki, reviewed by Albert H. Tillson Jr.; LETTER OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOL. 25, MARCH 1, 1788-JULY 25, 1789 WITH SUPPLEMENT, 1774-87, edited by Paul H. Smith and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; MISTRESSES AND SLAVES: PLANTATION WOMEN IN SOUTH CAROLINA, 1830-80, by Marli F. Weiner, reviewed by Nancy Driscol Engle; SLAVE COUNTERPOINT: BLACK CULTURE IN THE EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY CHESAPEAKE & LOWCOUNTRY, by Philip D. Morgan, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; THE FORGOTTEN "STONEWALL OF THE WEST": MAJOR GENERAL JOHN STEVEN BOWEN, by Phillip Thomas Tucker, reviewed by Herman Hattaway; THE SPOTSYLVANIA CAMPAIGN, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Joseph G. Dawson III; RICHARD S. EWELL: A SOLDIER'S LIFE, by Donald C. Pfanz, reviewed by Dale F. Harter; CONFEDERATE TIDE RISING: ROBERT E. LEE AND THE MAKING OF SOUTHERN STRATEGY, 1861-1862, by Joseph L. Harsh, reviewed by James I. Robertson Jr.; JOHN ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL: SOUTHERN MODERATE, 1811-1889, by Robert Saunder Jr., reviewed by Robert A. Taylor; HERNDON'S INFORMANTS: LETTERS, INTERVIEWS, AND STATEMENT ABOUT ABRAHAM LINCOLN, edited by Douglas L. Wilson and Rodney O. Davis, reviewed by G. B. Crawfard; STANDING SOLDIERS, KNEELING SLAVES: RACE, WAR, AND MONUMENT IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, by Kirk Savage, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; WHO KILLED JOH CLAYTON? POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND THE EMERGECE OF THE NEW SOUTH, 1861-1893, by Kenneth C. Barnes, reviewed by Barry A. Crouch; THE COTTON PLANTATION SOUTH SINCE THE CIVIL WAR, by Charles S. Aiken, reviewed by Greta deJong; KEEPERS OF THE SPIRITS: THE JUDICIAL RESPONSE TO PROHIBITION ENFORCEMENT IN FLORIDA, 1885-1935, by John J. Guthrie Jr., reviewed by David M. Fahey; THE PRESIDENCY OF CALVIN COOLIDGE, by Robert H. Ferrell, reviewed by Glen Jeansonne; THE DYING PRESIDENT: FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, 1944-1945, by Robert H. Ferrell, reviewed by Edmund F. Kallina Jr., BUT FOR BIRMINGHAM: THE LOCAL AND NATIONAL MOVEMENTS IN THE CIVIL RIGHTS STRUGGLE, by Glenn T. Eskew, reviewed by Charles W. Eagles, SORTING OUT THE NEW SOUTH CITY: RACE, CLASS, AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN CHARLOTTE, 1875-1975, by Thomas W. Hanchett, reviewed by James B. Crooks