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Book Reviews


Lynn Willoughby, Flowing Through Time: A History of the Lower Chattahoochee River, by Dennis L. Scarnecchia; Ira Berlin, Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America, by Larry E. River; Theda Perdue, Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835, by Shirley A. Leckie; Cynthia A. Kierner, Beyond the Household: Women's Place in the Early South, 1700-1835, by Elizabeth Nybakkan; Cynthia Lynn Lyerly, Methodism and the Southern Mind, by Stacey K. Close; John G. Crowley, Primitive Baptists of the Wiregrass South: 1815 to the Present, by John J. Guthrie Jr.; Edward A. Pearson, ed., Designs Against Charleston: The Trial Records of the Denmark Vesey Slave Conspiracy of 1822, by Robert Olwell; Timothy D. Johnson, Winfield Scott: The Quest for Military Glory, by John K. Mahon; David Williams, Rich Man's War: Class, Caste, and Confederate Defeat in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, by Kenneth W. Noe; Jeanie Attie, Patriotic Toil: Northern Women and the American Civil War, by Barbara A. Worthy; Thomas G. Dyer, Secret Yankees: The Union Circle in Confederate Atlanta, by Frank M. Lowrey; Warren B. Armstrong, For Courageous Fighting and Confident Dying: Union Chaplains in the Civil War, by Edwin S. Redkey; Elizabeth York Enstam, Women and the Creation of Urban Life: Dallas, Texas, 1843-1920, by Merline Pitre; Cecilia Elizabeth O'Leary, To Die For: The Paradox of American Patriotism, by John M. Coski; Barbara Barksdale Clowse, Ralph McGill: A Biography, by Marie Hardin; Shelly Romalis, Pistol Packin' Mama: Aunt Molly Jackson and the Politics of Folksong, by Deborah L. Blackwell; Jeff Roche, Restructured Resistance: The Sibley Commission and the Politics of Desegregation in Georgia, by Sarah Hart Brown; R. Douglas Hart, ed., The Rural South Since World War II, by William C. Hine; J. Morgan Kousser, Colorblind Injustice: Minority Voting Rights and the Undoing of the Second Reconstruction, by Hugh Davis Graham; Cynthia Griggs Fleming, Soon We Will Not Cry: The Liberation of Ruby Doris Smith Robinson, by Curtis Austin; Jack Bass and Marilyn W. Thompson, Ol' Strom: An Unauthorized Biography of Strom Thurmond, by James Edward Cross; Michele Gillespie and Catherine Clinton, eds., Taking Off the White Gloves: Southern Women and Women Historians, by Pamela Tyler