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Book Reviews


Jerald T. Milanich, Florida's Indians from Ancient Times to the Present, by Amy Turner Bushnell; Mark F. Lloyd, Hale G. Smith, and John W. Griffin, eds., Here They Once Stood: The Tragic End of the Apalachee Missions, by Greg O'Brien; Jay Barnes, Florida's Hurricane History, by Raymond Arsenault; Woody Holton, Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves, & the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia, by Todd Estes; Mary Kemp Davis. Nat Turner Before the Bar of Judgement: Fictional Treatments of the Southampton Slave Insurrection, by Larry E. Rivers; Julie Roy Jeffrey, The Great Silent Army of Abolitionism: Ordinary Women in the Antislavery Movement, by Julie Winch; Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, Empire and Antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874, by Durwood Long; Ruth C. Carter, ed., For Honor, Glory, & Union: The Mexican and Civil War Letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle, by Michael D. Pierce; Philip J. Reyburn and Terry L. Wilson, eds., "Jottings from Dixie": The Civil War Dispatches of Sergeant Major Stephen F. Fleharty, U.S.A., by Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein; Richard W. Iobst, Civil War Macon, by Daniel E. Sutherland; Steven H. Newton, Joseph E. Johnston and the Defense of Richmond, by Dale Harter; Jeffrey C. Lowe and Sam Hodges, Letters to Amanda: The Civil War Letters of Marion Hill Fitzpatrick, Army of Northern Virginia, by Robert A. Taylor; Ella Forbes, African Americam Women During the Civil War, by Alicestyne Turley-Adams; Ira A. Berlin and Leslie S. Rowland, eds., Families & Freedom: A Documentary of African American Kinship in the Civil War Era, by Larry E. Rivers; Ira A. Berlin, Joseph P. Reidy, and Leslie S. Rowland, eds., Freedom's Soldiers: The Black Military Experience in the Civil War, by Alicestyne Turley-Adams; Brooks D. Simpson and Jean V. Berlin, eds., Sheerman's Civil War: Selected Correspondence of William T. Sherman, l860-1865, by Robert E. May; Eugene D. Genovese, A Consuming Fire: The Fall of the Confederacy in the Mind of the White Christian South, by Wayne Flynt; Edmund L. Drago, Hurrah for Hampton! Black Red Shirts in South Carolina During Reconstruction, by Eldred E. Prince Jr.; Scott Reynolds Nelson, Iron Confederacies: Southern Railways, Klan Violence, and Reconstruction, by H. Roger Grant; Sidney Philip Johnston, Paper, Presses, and Profits: A History of the E.0. Painter Printing Company, by William S. Coker; Elna C. Green, ed., Before the New Deal: Social Welfare in the South, 1830-1930, by Steven Noll; Eric Anderson and Alfred A. Moss Jr., Dangerous Donations: Northern Philanthropy and Southern Black Education, 1902-1930, by Fon Louise Gordon