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Book Reviews


David McCally, The Everglades: An Environmental History, by R. Bruce Stephenson; Brent Richard Weisman, Unconquered People: Florida's Semilole and Miccosukee Indians, by Theda Perdue; John T. Foster and Sarah Whitmer Foster, Beechers, Stowes, and Yankee Strangers: The Transformation of Florida, by George B. Ellenberg; Virginia Bernhard, Slaves and Slaveholders in Bermuda, 1616-1782, by Colleen Vasconcellos; Thomas N. Ingersoll, Mammon and Mallon in Early New Orleans: The First Slave Society in the Deep South, 1718-1819, by Sarah Russell; Catherine A. Brekus, Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845, by Lorrie Clover, Timothy S. Huebner, The Southern Judicial Tradition: State Judges and Sectional Distinctiveness, 1790-1890, by Lewie Reece; John R. McKivigan and Stanley Harrold, eds., Antislavery Violence: Sectional, Racial, and Cultural Conflict in Antebellum America, by Patrick Breen; Janet Duitsman Cornelius, Slave Missions and the Black Church in the Antebellum South, by Carolyn Williams; Jan Furman, ed., Slavery in the Clover Bottoms: John McCline's Narrative of His Life During Slavery and the Civil War, by Wali Rashash Kharif; Richard R. Duncan, Lee's Endangered Left: The Civil War in Western Virginia, Spring of 1864, by Edward E. Baptist; Steven E. Woodworth, Civil War Generals in Defeat, by Judkin Browning; Paul M. Zall, Lincoln on Lincoln, by Michael Burlingame; Kenneth D. Lehman, Bolivia and the United States: A Limited Partnership, by James F. Siekmeier; Brian Lewis Crispell, Testing the Limits: George Armistead Smathers and Cold War America, by Robert J. McMahon; Warren Boeschenslein, Historic American Towns Along the Atlantic Coast, by Cynthia R. Field; Rebecca Klatch. A Generation Divided: The New Left, the New Right, and the 1960s, by John Andrew; Joan Lisa Bromberg, NASA and the Space Industry, by Gordon Patterson; Dwight B. Billings, Gurney Norman, and Katherine Ledford, eds., Confronting Appalachian Stereotypes: Back Talk from an American Region, by Norma Myers; Mary Jo Breton, Women Pioneers for the Environment, by Margaret Brown