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Book Reviews


Lander, Black Society in Spanish Florida, by Virginia Gould; Mann, Art in Florida, 1564-1945, by Valerie Anne Leeds; McCarthy, Native Americans in Florida, by Patricia Wickman; Bense, ed., Archaeology of Colonial Pensacola, by Paul E. Hoffman; Klein, The Atlantic Slave Trade, by Adonijah Bakali; Saunt, A New Order of Things: Property, Power, and the Transformation of the Creek Indians, 1733-1816, by Greg O'Brien; Weddle, Wilderness Manhunt: The Spanish Search for La Salle, Foter, ed., The La Salle Expedition to Texas: The Journal of Henri Joutel, 1684-1687, by Julianna Barr; Leibiger, Founding Friendship: George Washington, James Madison, and the Creation of the American Republic, by Constantine Gutzman; McKivigan and Snay, ed., Religion and the Antebellum Debate Over Slavery, by Ruth Alden Doan; Bolton, Arkansas, 1800-1860: Restless and Remote, by Matthew Schoenbachler; Cramer, Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic: Dueling, Southern Violence, and Moral Reform, by Robert Ireland; Harrold, The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861, by Susan Wyley-Jones; Brown, Tampa before the Civil War, by Stephen D. Andrews; Rowland, George B. McClellan & Civil War History: In the Shadow of Grant and Sherman, by John M. Craig; Groce, Mountain Rebels: East Tennessee Confederates and the Civil War, 1860-1870, by Sean Patrick Adams; Engle, Don Carlos Buell: Most Promising of All, by Darden Asbury Pyron; Kimeldorf, Battling for American Labor: Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the Making of the Union Movement, by Gary M. Fink; Nelson, King Cotton's Advocate: Oscar G.Johnston and the New Deal, by Roger Tate; Ownby, American Dreams in Mississippi: Consumers, Poverty, and Culture, 1830-1998, by Jack E. Davis; Savage, Broadcasting Freedom: Radio, War, and the Politics of Race, 1938-1948, by Kevin Allan Leonard; Green, Before His Time: The Untold Story of Harry T. Moore, America's First Civil Rights Martyr, by Raymond A. Mohl; Parker, Idella Parker: From Reddick to Cross Creek, Tarr, ed., Max and Matjorie: The Correspondence between Maxwell E. Perkins & Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, by Robert E. Snyder; Feldman, Politics, Society, and the Klan in Alabama, 1915-1949, by Henry M. McKiven Jr.; Brown, Standing Against Dragons: Three Southern Lawyers in an Era of Fear, by Samuel L. Webb; Perry, We the People: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Supreme Court, by C. B. Crawford; Gretlund, ed., The Southern State of Mind, by Gaines M. Foster; Joyner, Shared Traditions: Southern History and Folk Culture, by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; Lamis, ed., Southern Politics in the 1990s, by Rand Sanders; Kern, Inventing A School: Expanding the Boundaries of Learning, by Larry E. Rivers