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Book Reviews


Chaplin, Subject Matter: Technology, The Body, and Science on the Anglo-American Frontier, 1500-1676. Eldon Turner; Carney, Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas. by Daina L. Ramey; Balleisen , Navigating Failure: Bankruptcy and Commercial Society in Antebellum America. by Tony A. Freyer; Davis, An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederate Government. by Hutch Johnson; Bleser and Gordon, eds. , Intimate Strategies of the Civil War: Military Commanders and Their Wives. by Carol Elizabeth Adam; Davis, The Union That Shaped the Confederacy: Robert Toombs and Alexander H. Stephens. by Cyril M. Lafvanec; Wyatt-Brown, The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War, 1760s-1880s. by Sarah H. Brown; Douglass-Chin, Preacher Woman Sings the Blues: The Autobiographies of Nineteenth-Century African American Evangelists. by Carolyn Williams; Andrew, Long Gray Lines: The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839-1915. by Brian D. McKnight; Taiz, Hallelujah Lads & Lasses: Remaking the Salvation Army in America, 1880-1930. by Ken Fones-Wolf; Bates, Pullman Porters and the Rise of Protest Politics in Black America, 1925-1945. by Matthew Hild; Winchell, Where No Flag Flies: Donald Davidson and the Southern Resistance. by Thomas A. Underwood; Schlup and Whisenhunt, eds., It Seems to Me: Selected Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt. by Kristie Miller; Behling, The Masculine Woman in America, 1890-1935. by Laura R. Prieto; Bass, Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Martin Luther King, Jr., Eight White Religious Leaders, and the "Letter from Birmingham Jail." White and Manis, eds., Birmingham's Revolutionaries: The Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. by Anne Permaloff; Triay, Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of Brigade 2506. by Jose B. Fernandez; Gilbert, The Vietnam War on Campus: Other Voices, More Distant Drums. by John Ernst; Edgerton and Rollins, eds., Television Histories: Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age. by Spencer Downing; Gerstle, American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century. by J. Michael Butler