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Book Reviews


Larsen, ed. Bioarchaeology of Spanish Florida: The Impact of Colonialism, by Dan Murphree; Kapitzk Religion, Power, and Politics in Colonial St. Augustine, by Alejandro Quiroga Fernandez de Soto; Snow and Stans, Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians, by Clarissa Confer; Herndon, Unwelcome Americans: Living on the Margin in Early New England, by Christina Persons; Wacker, Heaven Below: Early Pentecostals and American Culture, by Randy Sparks; Inge and Piacentino, eds. The Humor of the Old South, by John Mayfield; McCaulay, Unitarianism in the Antebellum South: The Other Invisible Institution, by Randall M. Miller; Noe, Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle, by Robert A. Taylor; Inscoe and Kenzer eds., Enemies of the Country: New Perspectives on Unionists in the Civil War South, by James S. Humphreys; Clark, Railroads in the Civil War: The Impact of Management on Victory and Defeat, by H. Roger Grant; Freehling, The South vs. The South: How Anti-Confederate Southerners Shaped the Course of the Civil War, by Scott Eidson; Perez, Wind of Change: Hurricanes and the Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Cuba, by Sherry Johnson; Schott, ed., The Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History, Volume VII: Louisiana Politics and the Paradoxes of Reaction and Reform, 1877-1928, by David W. Moore; Rogers and Denham, Florida Sheriffs: A History, 1821-1945, by Paul Wehr; Glass, Strangers in Zion: Fundamentalists in the South, 1900-1950, by Paul Harvey; Tuck, Beyond Atlanta: The Struggle for Racial Equality in Georgia, 1940-1980 by Robert Cassanello; Brown, In the Midst of All that Makes Life Worth Living: Polk County, Florida, to 1940, by Charles Arnade; Monroe, The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters, by Robert E. Snyder; Burk, Much More Than a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball Since 1921, by Richard Crepeau; Beeman and Pritchard, A Green and Permanent Land: Ecology and Agriculture in the Twentieth Century, by George B. Ellenberg; McGirr, Suburban Warriors: The Origins of the New American Right, by Leo P. Ribuffo; Kelly, Moon Lander: How We Developed the Apollo Lunar Module, by Lori C. Walters; Hess, Presidential Decisions for War: Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf, by Michael L. Krenn