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Book Reviews


Greene et al. eds., Money, Trade, and Power: The Evolution of South Carolina's Plantation Society, by Randall Miller; Early American Indian Documents: Treaties and Laws, 1607-1789, Volume XII: Georgia and Florida Treaties, 1763-1776, by Greg O'Brien; Gordon, South Carolina and the American Revolution: A Battlefield History, by Greg Massey; O'Brien, Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age, 1750-1830, by Joel Martin; Engs and Miller, eds., The Birth of the Grand Old Party: The Republicans' First Generation, by Stephen D. Engle; Gallagher, ed., The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862, by Chris Meyers; Baggett, The Scalawags: Southern Dissenters in the Civil War and Reconstruction, by Carl Moneyhan; Boyd, Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston, by Gordon Patterson; Wyatt-Brown, Hearts of Darkness: Wellsprings of a Southern Literary Tradition, by John Mayfield; Thurlow, Stuart on the St. Lucie: A Pictorial History, by Renee Booth; Banner, The Death Penalty: An American History, by Hayden Smith and Robert M. Bohm; Hanson, Mary McLead Bethune & Black Women's Political Activism, by Maxine D. Jones; Fry, Dixie Looks Abroad: The South and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1789-1973, by Scott Eidson; Illick, American Childhoods, by Marie Jenkins Schwartz; Hickey, Hope and Danger in the New South City: Working-Class Women and Urban Development in Atlanta, 1890-1940, by Robert Cassanello; Green, ed., The New Deal and Beyond: Social Welfare in the South since 1930, by Brooke Orr; Newman, Getting Right with God: Southern Baptists and Desegregation, 1945-1995, by Bill J. Leonard; Weisman, Pioneer in Space and Time: John Mann Goggin and the Development of Florida Archaeology, by John Hann; Doss, Let the Bastards Go: From Cuba to Freedom on "God's Mercy", by Jose B. Fernandez; Buck et al. A History of Visual Art in Sarasota, by Jim Fitch