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Book Reviews


Oatis, A Colonial Complex: South Carolina's Frontier in the Era of the Yamusee War, 1680-1730, by Timothy P. Grady; Sweet, Negotiating for Georgia: British-Creek Relations in the Trustee Era, 1733-1752, by Dan Murphee; Hawkins, Jose de Bustamante and Central American Independence: Colonial Administration in an Age of Imperial Crisis, by Dennis Halpin; Wells, Origins of the Southern Middle Class, 1800-1861, by Anthony Carey; McDonough, Nashville: The Western Confederacy's Final Gamble, by Kevin N. Levin; Revels, Grander in Her Daughters: Florida's Women During the Civil War; Weatherford, Real Women of Tampa and Hillborough County From Prehistory to the Millennium, by Robert Cassanello; Brown, Jr., and Rivers, For a Great and Grand Purpose: The Beginning of the AMEZ Church in Florida, 1865-1905, by Matt J. Zacharias Harper; Thompson, The Reconstruction of Southern Debtors: Bankruptcy after the Civil War, by Bruce E. Stewart; Harvey, Freedom's Coming: Religious Culture and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War through Civil Right's Era, by Edward R. Crowther; Ginzl, Stein Mart: An American Story of Roots, Family and Building a Greater Dream, by James B. Crooks; Brown, Jr., None Can Have Richer Memories: Polk County, Florida, 1940-2000, by Tom Palmer; Boles, ed., Shapers of Southern History: Autobiographical Reflections, by Robert Saunders, Jr.