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Book Reviews


Berry, My Face is Black is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations, by David H. Jackson, Jr.; Thursby, Funeral Festivals in America: Rituals for the Living, by Craig Thompson Friend; Rymph, Republican Women: Feminism and Conservatism from Suffrage through the Rise of the New Right, by Michael Bowen; Leuchtenburg, Ihe White House Looks South: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Tmman, Lyndon B. Johnson, by Richard V. Damms; Vandiver, Lethal Punishment: Lynchings and Legal Executions in the South, by Robert Cassanello; Mohl, South of the South, Jewish Activists and the Civil Rights Movement in Miami, 1945-1960, by Sarah Brown; Mormino, Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida, by Kari Frederickson; Adams and Henderson, The Floridas, by Astrid Whidden; Pascoe, Leathem, and Ambrose, The American South in the Twentieth Century, by Benjamin Sperry