"Leaning on the Everlasting Arms": Virgil Darnell Hawkins's Early Life and Entry into the Civil Rights Struggle Larry O. Rivers
The nut with a Huey Long outlook versus the goblins of fear and distortion: Reubin Askew and the Campaign to Establish the Florida Corporate Profits Tax Gordon E. Harvey
Workers of the Sunshine State Unite!: The Florida Socialist Party During the Progressive Era, 1900-1920 R. Steven Griffin
Documents and Notes: Civil War Letters

  • In the Aftermath of the Battle of Olustee: A Beecher's Surprise Visit to Florida Sarah Whitmer Foster andJohn T. Foster, Jr.
  • "If It Was Not For You I Would Be Willing To Die": The Civil War Correspondence of Michael and Sallie Raysor Aaron Sheehan-Dean
  • Patriotism Derailed: John Milton, David Yulee, and the Florida Railroad in 1863 Sean Patrick Adarns

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