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Book Reviews


Matthews. Caribbean Slave Revolts and the British Abolitionist Movement by Ryan D. Groves; Mulroy. The Seminole Freedmen, A History by Daniel S. Murphree; Latimer. 1812 War with America by James Cusick; Cimbala and Shaw, editors. Making A New South: Race, Leadership, and Community after the Civil War by Robert A. Taylor; Sheehan-Dean. Why Confederates Fought: Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia by John Sacher; Savitt. Race and Medicine in Nineteenth-and Early-Twentieth Century America by John David Smith; Ayala and Bernabe. Puerto Rico in the American Century: A History Since 1898 by Guadalupe Garcia; Spencer. A History of Gambling in Florida by Robert M. Jarvis; Kendrick and Walsh. A History of Florida Forests by Mark R. Finlay; Vickers and Dionne. Weeki Wachi: City of Mermaids, A History of Florida's Oldest Roadside Attractions by Robert E. Snyder