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Book Reviews


DeLatte, Lucy Audubon: A Biography. by Brittany Bayless; Swygert and Vause, Florida's First Law School: A History of Stetson University College of Law by George B. Crawford; Dunkelman, War's Relentless Hand: Twelve Tales of Civil War Soldiers. by Eric P. Totten; Johnson, Souh Women at the Seven Sister Collegs: Feminist Values and Social Activimn, 1871-1915. by Ann Short Chirhart; Cassanello and Shell-Weiss, eds., Florida's Working Class Past: Current Perspectives on Labor, Race, and Gender from Spanish Florida to the New Immigration. by Matthew Hild; Craft, Embry-Rddle at War: Aviation Training during World War II. by Lewis W. Metzger, V; Cattelino, High Stakes: Florida Seminole Gaming and Sovereignty. by W. Dale Mason; Smiljanich, Then Sings My Soul: The Scott Kelly Story. by Seth A. Weitz