James M. Denham


In the spring of 1828 Pensacola, Florida suffered a serious crime wave. The Escambia County Grand Jury with a "highly laudable determination to do their duty," found twenty bills of indictment after a "most laborious session of thirteen days. The panel indicted two men named Alvarez and Gray for murder, though both remained at large throughout the entire session. Convicted mail robber Martin Hutto escaped for the second time with a convicted burglar named Enoch Hoye who received the customary punishment for thieves: thirty-nine lashes (with ten extra stripes thrown in for good measure) and two hours on the pillory. The postmaster offered a $50 reward for Hutto's arrest, Overall, Benjamin D. Wright, U. S. Attorney for the Western Judicial District of Florida, secured seven convictions on twenty indictments with fines totaling $106.1