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Book Reviews


Gallay, ed., Indian Slavery in Colonial America. by Heidi Scott Giusto; Belko, ed., America's Hundred Years' War: U.S. Expansion to the Gulf Coast and the Fate of the Seminole, 1763-1858. by Brent R. Weisman; Kolb III and Weir, eds., Captured at Kings Mountain: The Journal of Uzal Johnson, A Loyalist Surgeon. by Jim Piecuch; Kenny, Contentious Liberties: American Abolitionists in Post-Emancipation Jamaica, 1834-1866. by Susan J. Fernandez; Waters and Edmonds, A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. by Daniel James Flook; Sharpless, Cooking in Other Women's Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South, 1865-1960. by Jennifer Jensen Wallach; Cobb, The South and America since World War II. by Robert J. Norrell; Turner, Sitting In and Speaking Out: Student Movements in the American South, 1960-1970. by Melissa Kean; MacKay and Edmonds, How Florida Happened: The Political Education of Buddy MacKay. by Gordon E. Harvey; Haskins, Fifteen Florida Cemeteries: Strange Tales Unearthed. by Joy M. Giguere