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Book Reviews


Tinker, The Migration of Peoples from the Caribbean to the Bahamas. by Howard Johnson; Schafer, William Bartram and the Ghost Plantations of British East Florida. by Sarah E. Miller; Haynes, The Mississippi Territory and the Southwest Frontier, 1795-1817. by Angela Pulley Hudson; Ellisor, The Second Creek War: Interethnic Conflict and Collusion on a Collapsing Frontier. by Thomas Chase Hagood; Christianson, Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War. by Julie Winch; Brinkmeyer, Jr., The Fourth Ghost: White Southern Writers and European Fascism, 1930-1950. by Kathryn Lee Seidel; Clark, Red Pepper and Gorgeous George: Claude Pepper's Epic Defeat in the 1950 Democratic Primary. by Seth A. Weitz; Rucker, Treasures of the Panhandle: A Journey through West Florida. by Tim Hollis; Ogden, Swamplife: Peoples, Gators, and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades. by Jack E. Davis; Belleville, Salvaging the Real Florida: Lost and Found in the State of Dreams. by Steven Noll