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Book Reviews


Davis, The Rogue Republic: How Would-Be Patriots Waged the Shortest Revolution in American History. by Miles Smith; Hatch, Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle for Justice and Freedom. by Patricia Riles Wickman; Marotti, The Cana Sanctuary: History, Diplomacy, and Black Catholic Marriage in Antebellum St. Augustine, Florida. by Larry Eugene Rivers; Gallagher, The Union War. by Brian Craig Miller; Weinfeld, The Jackson County War: Reconstruction and Resistance in Post-Civil War Florida. by Will Guzman; Frantz, The Door of Hope: Republican Presidents and the First Southern Strategy, 1877-1933. by R. Matthew Poteat; Bowen, The Roots of Modern Conservatism: Dewey, Taft, and the Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party. by James W. Lamare; Shirley, Everglades Patrol. by Craig Pittman; Berger, Seeing Through Race: A Reinterpretation of Civil Rights Photography. by Reginald Ellis; Feldman, Painting Dixie Red: When, Where, Why, and How the South Became Republican. by Garry Boulard