Perfectly Still No More: Unionists in Confederate Northeast Florida by T. W. Upchurch
A Perfect Storm: The Ocoee Riot of 1920 by Carlee Hoffman and Claire Strom
Bootlegging Aliens: Unsanctioned Immigration and the Underground Economy of Smuggling from Cuba during Prohibition by Lisa Lindquist Dorr
Current Scholarship on the Johns Committee in Florida History The Johns Committee: A Historiographic Essay by Judith G. Poucher
Book Review: Braukman, Communists and Perverts under the Palms: The johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965 - by Karen Graves
Book Review: Poucher, State of Defiance: Challenging the Johns Committee's Assault on Civil Liberties by James Anthony Schnur
Documentary Film Review: Cassanello and Mills, The Committee by Stacy Braukman
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