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Book Reviews


Brinkmann, Florida Sinkholes: Science and Policy. by Christopher F. Meindl; Bonner and Pennington, eds., The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Volume 21: Art and Architecture. by Christine Madrid French; Stern, Southern Crucifix, Southern Cross: Catholic-Protestant Relations in the Old South. by Robert H. Craig; Gallagher and Shelden, eds., A Political Nation: New Directions in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Political History. by Grant R. Brodrecht; Gillespie, Katharine and R.J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New-South. by J. Vincent Lowery; Cassanello, To Render Invisible: Jim Crow and Public Life in New South Jacksonville. by Tom Hanchett; Knowles, Long Key: Flagler's Island Getaway for the Rich & Famous. by Matthew G. Hyland; Foerster, Race, Rape, and Injustice: Documenting and Challenging Death Penalty Cases in the Civil Rights Era. by Amanda M. Nagel; Macdonald, Marjorie Harris Carr: Defender of Florida's Environment. by Kimberly Wilmot Voss