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Book Reviews


Ward, Bone, and Link, eds., The American South and the Atlantic World. by Kevin Dawson; Narrett, Adventurism and Empire: The Struggle for Mastery in the Louisiana-Florida Borderlands, 1762-1803. by J.C.A. Stagg; Rosen, Border Law: The First Seminole War and American Nationhood. by Andrew K. Frank; Rediker, The Amistad Rebellion: An Atlantic Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom. by Ted Maris-Wolf; Weiner and Hough, Sex, Sickness, and Slavery: Illness in the Antebellum South. by David Torbett; Smith and Lowery, eds., The Dunning School: Historians, Race, and the Meaning of Reconstruction by Adam Fairclough; Corrigan, Conservative Hurricane: How Jeb Bush Remade Florida. by Paulina S. Rippere; McMorrow-Hernandez, Tampa Bay Landmarks and Destinations. And Sitler, St. Petersburg's Piers. by Andrew Huse; Cerulean, Coming to Pass: Florida's Coastal Islands in a Gulf of Change. by Leslie K. Poole; Hadden and Minter, Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History. by David J. Bodenhamer