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Book Reviews


Jennings ed., The Rower Hunter and the People: William Bartram in the Native American Southeast. by Thomas Hallock; May, Slavery, Race and Conquest in the Tropics: Lincoln, Douglas, and the Future of Latin America. by Brian Loveman; Gleason and Lewis, The Civil War as Global Conflict: Transnational Meanings of the American Civil War. by Evan C. Rothera; Rucker, Mine Eyes Have Seen: Firsthand Reminiscences of the Civil War in West Florida. by Mark C. Curenton; Prince, Stories of the South: Race and the Reconstruction of Southern Identity, 1865-1915. by Edward O. Frantz; Epperson, Roads through the Everglades: The Building of the Ingraham Highway, the Tamiami Trail and Connors Highway, 1914-1931. by Bruce E. Seely; Campisi, Escape to Miami: An Oral History of the Cuban Rafters Crisis. by Felix Masud-Piloto; Jourard, Music Everywhere: The Rock and Roll Roots of a Southern Town. by Robert Clarke; MacManus, Florida's Minority Trailblazers: The Men and Women Who Changed the Face of Florida Government. by Aubrey Jewett; Ferris, The Edible South: The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region. by Angela Jill Cooley