Sam Turner


On October 12, 1519, during the early days of the Spanish conquest of what is today Mexico, an irate Diego Velazquez, Governor of Cuba, wrote to the young Charles V of Spain from the port of Santiago de Cuba. In his letter he complained that a vessel had arrived August 23rd of that year, secretly and illegally from Mexico, with a substantial cargo of gold and jewels. The vessel carried Captain Francisco de Montejo, who would one day be the Governor of Yucatan and Honduras, and Captain Alonso Hernandez Puerto Carrero. The vessel sailed under the expert guidance of the pilot Anton de Alaminos, a competent man with a great deal of navigational experience. The vessel had made port in the environs of San Cristoval de la Habana in the vicinity of a ranch owned by Francisco de Montejo. There the crew of the illicit craft had provisioned with all the necessary supplies for a long ocean voyage.

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