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Historic Sites in New Smyrna Beach

Dot Moore discusses prehistoric and historic sites in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. New Smyrna Beach was an indigo plantation worked by Greeks, Minorcans, and Italians.

Mark-In Point: 01:18 Length: 13:02

World War II Pilots in Vero Beach

Jim Curson remembers what it was like to train as a pilot at Vero Beach for World War II.

Mark-In Point: 14:41 Length: 06:27

Miccosukee Chairman Buffalo Tiger

Buffalo Tiger was the Miccosukee tribe's first chairman. He published his autobiography in 2002 in which he talks about growing up and living in the Everglades.

Mark-In Point: 21:09 Length: 06:13

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SEGMENTS | Historic Sites in New Smyrna Beach | World War II Pilots in Vero Beach | Miccosukee Chairman Buffalo Tiger


Florida Frontiers; Colonial History; Historic Preservation; World War II; Vero Beach; Native American