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Neil Hurley—Florida's Lighthouses in the Civil War

Author Neil Hurley discusses his book, Florida's Lighthouses in the Civil War. There were twenty-one state-of-the-art lighthouses lining the coasts of Florida at the beginning of the Civil War. He speaks about the importance of preserving Florida's lighthouses.

Mark-In Point: 01:24 Length: 11:59

DDT in Florida

Janie Gould interviews John Bidler about DDT usage in Florida and its impact on the environment.

Mark-In Point: 13:34 Length: 06:53

Vanished Florida Industries

Bill Dudley interviews Sidney Vaughn and several others about industries that have vanished from Florida, including the cigar industry, sponge diving, and turpentine manufacturing.

Mark-In Point: 20:37 Length: 05:13

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SEGMENTS | Neil Hurley—Florida's Lighthouses in the Civil War | DDT in Florida | Vanished Florida Industries


Florida Frontiers; Lighthouses; Historic Preservation; Environment; World War II; Florida Industry

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