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Florida Author Tim Dorsey

Author Tim Dorsey discusses his novels that feature a "lovable serial killer" named Serge Storms. Serge, like the author, is obsessed with Florida history and culture, and his victims are those who try to destroy the cultural and natural heritage of the state.

Mark-In Point: 01:21 Length: 11:34

Drug Smuggling in the 1970s

Attorney Russell Peterson remembers representing drug smugglers during the 1970s. Florida's Treasure Coast was a major drop-point for marijuana because of the lack of radar and plentiful landing places.

Mark-In Point: 13:16 Length: 06:23

Forgotten Florida Women

Doris Weatherford discusses important Florida women who have almost been forgotten by history including Eula Mae Johnson and Augusta Savage.

Mark-In Point: 19:47 Length: 06:43

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SEGMENTS | Florida Author Tim Dorsey | Drug Smuggling in the 1970s | Forgotten Florida Women


Florida Frontiers; Crime; Florida Authors; Women's History

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