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Florida Troubadour Chris Kahl

Native Floridian Chris Kahl trained in England for five years, learning about traditional British folk music. He has recorded two albums of Florida folk music that cover a wide range of topics.

Mark-In Point: 01:19 Length: 16:05

Catching Snakes in the 1950s

Two sisters, Debbie and Becky Click, remember hunting snakes for Rose Allen's Reptile Institute in Silver Springs during the 1950s.

Mark-In Point: 17:50 Length: 04:50

The Civil War in Florida

Paul Taylor, author of Discovering the Civil War in Florida, discusses Florida's role in the Civil War as a supplier of beef and salt to the Confederacy.

Mark-In Point: 22:56 Length: 07:25

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SEGMENTS | Florida Troubadour Chris Kahl | Catching Snakes in the 1950s | The Civil War in Florida


Florida Frontiers; Music; Folklife; Tourism; Civil War

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