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Mosquitoes, Alligators, and Determination

The Brevard Theatrical Ensemble has put together a musical, Mosquitoes, Alligators, and Determination, that celebrates Florida Cracker culture.

Mark-In Point: 01:23 Length: 12:00

Florida East Coast Railway

Bobby Noles remembers when his grandfather was a railroad engineer with Henry Flagler's East Coast Railway in Florida, which ran down the east coast of the state.

Mark-In Point: 13:54 Length: 07:01

African American History

Free African Americans arrived in the 1500s with the Spanish. Dr. Jane Landers has written a book on the subject, titled Black Society in Spanish Florida. Using Spanish records, Landers was able to trace the lives of individuals from Africa to Spain to North America.

Mark-In Point: 21:01 Length: 06:22

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SEGMENTS | Mosquitoes, Alligators, and Determination | Florida East Coast Railway | African American History


Florida Frontiers; Cracker Culture; Railroads; Transportation; African American; Colonial History

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