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Cocoa Beach Surf Museum

Tony Sasso, executive director of the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum, discusses the history and culture of surfing in Florida.

Mark-In Point: 01:11 Length: 14:41

Barbeque Charlie

Marvin Carter recalls Vero Beach fisherman Charlie Chapman, also known as "Barbecue Charlie," who killed another fisherman and burned his body in an oil drum.

Mark-In Point: 16:02 Length: 04:46

Weeden Island Culture

Archaeologists Dr. Brent Weisman and Sheila Stewart talk about the Weeden Island People, who lived in parts of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, from AD 400 to AD 900.

Mark-In Point: 20:48 Length: 06:04

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SEGMENTS | Cocoa Beach Surf Museum | Barbeque Charlie | Weeden Island Culture


Florida Frontiers; Folklife; Crime; Archaeology; Native American

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