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de Luna Excavation

Historian Dr. Gregory Cook discusses Tristán de Luna's disastrous 1559 attempt to found a permanent colony in what is now Pensacola.

Mark-In Point: 01:08 Length: 13:39

Eastern Airlines and the Brooklyn Dodgers

Bump Holman remembers his father Bud Holman's role in bringing Eastern Airlines and spring baseball training to Vero Beach after World War II.

Mark-In Point: 15:03 Length: 06:43

Betty Mae Jumper

Bill Dudley interviews anthropologist Patsy West and Betty Mae Jumper, co-authors of A Seminole Legend: The Life of Betty Mae Tiger Jumper. The late Betty Mae Jumper was the first female chief of the Seminoles.

Mark-In Point: 21:47

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SEGMENTS | de Luna Excavation | Eastern Airlines and the Broklyn Dodgers | Betty Mae Jumper


Florida Frontiers; Colonial History; Archaeology; Baseball; Transportation; Native American; Women's History

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