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Save Space Project

Robin Fisher, commissioner of the Save Space Program; Pat Duggins, author of Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Program; and Charlie Mars, president of the U.S. Space Walk of Fame, discuss the effects of NASA programs on Brevard County's economy.

Mark-In Point: 01:22 Length: 13:38

Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart

Sam Amerson, public works director for the City of Stuart, discusses the replacement of the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, which was built during the Great Depression.

Mark-In Point: 15:14 Length: 06:55

Excavation a Black Seminole Village

Archaeologists Dr. Terrance Weik of the University of Florida and Dr. Brent Wiesman of the University of South Florida describe the excavations at Peliklakaha, the largest known Black Seminole town, which was founded by runaway slaves in 1806.

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SEGMENTS | Save Space Project | Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart | Excavation a Black Seminole Village


Florida Frontiers; Space Industry; Great Depression; Historic Preservation; African American; Native American