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Benjamin DeHart, the "Cracker Tenor"

Benjamin Dehart is a singer/songwriter who sings folk music about Florida. He plays guitar, Native American flutes, and is known as the "Cracker Tenor." He focuses on parts of Florida history that are less known, including the cattle industry and American Indian tribes from Florida other than the Seminole, such as the Timucua.

Mark-In Point: 01:06 Length: 16:20

Selling Baby Gators to Tourists

Paul Hunter from Jensen Beach recalls catching and selling baby alligators to tourists during the 1930s and 1940s. He made $5 per alligator.

Mark-In Point: 17:51 Length: 03:58

History of the Cigar Industry

Cultural anthropologist Dr. Glenn Westfall and Melinda Chavez of the Ybor City Museum discuss the history of the cigar industry in the state, including Key West and Ybor City near Tampa.

Mark-In Point: 21:54 Length: 06:14

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SEGMENTS | Benjamin DeHart, the "Cracker Tenor" | Selling Baby Gators to Tourists | History of the Cigar Industry


Florida Frontiers; Cracker Culture; Florida Artists; Tourism; Folklife; Florida Industry; Cuban American