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RICHES: Public History Program at UCF

Historians Dr. Rose Beiler, Dr. Connie Lester, Dr. Spencer Downing, Dr. Amy Foster, Dr. Robert Cassanello, and Dr. Patrick Moore explain the University of Central Florida's RICHES (Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences, and Stories of Central Florida) project, which will attempt to digitize the history of Central Florida.

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Hospital Career of Sixty-Eight Years

John Scott remembers his sixty-eight-year career at Martin County Hospital.

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St. Michael's Historic Cemetery

University of West Florida archaeologist Dr. Margo Stringfield and Sharyn Thompson of the Center for Historic Cemeteries Preservation talk about St. Michael's Cemetery in Pensacola, which may date to the Second Spanish Period in the 1700s.

Mark-In Point: 20:48 Length: 07:34

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Florida Frontiers; Public History; Education; Florida Industry; Historic Preservation; Archaeology

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