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Florida's 2013 Quincentennary

A scholar summit convened to discuss Florida's 2013 Quincentennary. Dr. Susan Parker's focus is on public outreach and education, with PSAs on network channels. Dr. James Cusick believes it is important to publish Florida's colonial primary documents online, including those in Spain, Mexico, and Great Britain. Dr. Jose Fernandez discusses the continuous Puerto Rican presence in Florida from colonial times to the present. Dr. Gary Mormino talks about what he considers to be the most important event in Florida history―the first contact between the Timucua Indians and Spaniards.

Mark-In Point: 01:45 Length: 15:48

Corey's Pharmacy

Mrs. Corey talks about owning and running an independent drug store on Vero Beach for more than fifty years.

Mark-In Point: 16:28 Length: 05:14

Payne's Prairie

In his book, Paynes Prairies: A Great Savannah: A History and Guide, Lars Andersen discusses the geological and human history of the prairie and the Alachua sinkhole.

Mark-In Point: 21:44 Length: 06:15

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Florida Frontiers; Colonial History; Hispanic; Women's History; Florida Industry; Environment