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Ax Handle Saturday in Jacksonville

Rodney Hurst discusses the violent events of August 27, 1960, in his book, It Was Never About a Hotdog and a Coke, when the NAACP held a peaceful lunch-in that was attacked by whites with ax handles and baseball bats.

Mark-In Point: 01:20 Length: 16:46

Remembering Fort Capron

Local historian Anne Sinnett explores the history of Fort Capron near present-day St. Lucie and its role in the Third Seminole War.

Mark-In Point: 18:29 Length: 04:26

Florida's New Deal History

Professors John Stuart and John Stact discuss their book, A New Deal in South Florida. The New Deal transformed south Florida with huge building projects and social programs.

Mark-In Point: 22:56 Length: 05:09

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SEGMENTS | Ax Handle Saturday in Jacksonville | Remembering Fort Capron | Florida's New Deal History


Florida Frontiers; African American; Civil Rights; Native American; Seminole Wars; Great Depression; Politics