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Mosquito Beaters' 25th Anniversary

George "Speedy" Harrell recalls the origins of the Mosquito Beaters festival, which draws thousands of people every year and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Mark-In Point: 01:14 Length: 15:13

Taylor Town in Vero Beach

Mary Young Johnson remembers when her father built Taylor Town, which consisted of four cottages and a bath house. The segment covers the development of this beachfront property over time.

Mark-In Point: 16:25 Length: 04:00

A Day on the Dudley Farm

Park Ranger Sally Morrison describes Dudley Farm, a Florida State Park that preserves an authentic pioneer farm. Hubert Davis talks about traditional sugar cane grinding and several other pioneers skills that are no longer common.

Mark-In Point: 22:06 Length: 05:29

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SEGMENTS | Mosquito Beaters' 25th Anniversary | Taylor Town in Vero Beach | A Day on the Dudley Farm


Florida Frontier; s Cracker Culture; Folklife; Tourism; Development; Agriculture