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Jewish Museum of Florida

This program features an interview with Marcia Jo Zerivitz, founding executive director of the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach. She talks about the process of researching and documenting Florida's long Jewish history.

Mark-In Point: 01:11 Length: 15:26

Teaching in Florida After World War II

Rita Wyatt talks about teaching school in Indian River County after World War II, when Florida's population exploded and Florida schools struggled to keep up.

Mark-In Point: 17:16 Length: 05:35

Historic Key West Cemetery

Sexton Russell Brittian discusses historic Key West Cemetery. Key West has always been a multicultural place, and the different burial practices there reflect its diversity.

Mark-In Point: 22:52 Length: 05:23

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SEGMENTS | Jewish Museum of Florida | Teaching in Florida After World War II | Historic Key West Cemetery


Florida Frontiers; Jewish History; World War II; Development; Cemeteries; Hurricanes