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Historic Ybor City

Elizabeth McCoy, a curator at Ybor City Museum, and Chantal Hevia, president of the Ybor City Museum Society, discuss the founding, culture, and history of Ybor City.

Mark-In Point: 01:18 Length: 17:39

Selling Spanish Moss in the 1930s

Sarah Blair Weathers talks about how her family collected Spanish moss to sell during the Great Depression near Ocala.

Mark-In Point: 18:16 Length: 3:54

Home » Content Florida Slave Narrative

Anthropologist Dr. Patricia Griffin discusses the book she edited, The Odyssey of an African Slave. The book is based on a manuscript dictated by Sitiki, who later was named was Jack Smith. It tells of his capture in Africa, his various adventures, his establishment of a Methodist church, and how he died a free man in St. Augustine.

Mark-In Point: 22:17 Length: 05:13

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Florida Frontiers; Cuban American; Florida Industry; Great Depression; African American; Colonial History