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Florida's Maritime Heritage

Editor Dan Smith talks about finding and publishing a sketchbook by Phlip Ayer Sawyer in the Florida State Archives. It contained more than 100 sketches of Florida vessels, including sailboats, steamers, and Seminole Canoes. Sayer was part of the WPA project called HAMMS—Historic American Merchant Marine Survey.

Mark-In Point: 01:17 Length: 14:08

1513 Moment - The "Real" First Thanksgiving

Historian Dr. Michael Gannon discusses St. Augustine, the first permanent European colony in the modern United States and the first Thanksgiving held there, which predated the one between the Massachusettes Pilgrims and Native Americans by fifty-six years.

Mark-In Point: 16:02 Length: 01:52

Paris in South Florida

John Unruh discusses the 1920s development on Vero Beach of the Royal Palms by his grandfather Walter Buckingham and Waldo Sexton.

Mark-In Point: 18:00 Length: 04:28

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SEGMENTS | Florida's Maritime Heritage | 1513 Moment - The "Real" First Thanksgiving | Paris in South Florida | Peter Mathiessen - Killing Mr. Watson


Florida Frontiers; Maritime History; Florida Artists; Colonial History; Holidays; Development