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World War II Military Installations

Historian Daniel Hutchinson discusses the impact that World War II military installations had in Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people serving in the military came to the state for the first time, and many returned after the war, which helped transform Florida from a predominately rural, agricultural state into a more urban one.

Mark-In Point: 1:11 Length: 13:37

Conch Shells

Phil and Joan DeFranco talk about the days when they hunted and sold souvenir conch shells in the Lower Keys during the 1970s.

Mark-In Point: 15:15 Length: 04:25

Complex Indigenous Societies

Erin Woodruff of Vanderbilt University discusses the complex relations between Native Americans and Spaniards during the colonial period.

Mark-In Point: 19:41 Length: 08:42

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Florida Frontiers; Development; World War II; Folklife; Florida Industry; Colonial History; Native American