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Prehistoric Medical Practices

Bioarchaeologist Dr. Rachel Wentz discusses ancient medical practices based on an analysis of the bodies at Windover, a site near Titusville that was so well preserved that out of the 168 bodies found, ninety-one still had brain matter.

Mark-In Point: 01:26 Length: 11:50

1513 Moment - Cubans in Florida

Historian Dr. James Cusick talks about one of the earliest Cubans in Florida History, Juan Jose de Estrada, governor of Spanish Florida in 1812, who defended St. Augustine from an American invasion from Georgia.

Mark-In Point: 12:34 Length: 01:36

Fishing in South Florida

Ninety-one-year-old Richard Milton Jones tells fish stories from his home county of Indian River.

Mark-In Point: 14:11 Length: 05:36

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SEGMENTS | Prehistoric Medical Practices | 1513 Moment - Cubans in Florida | Fishing in South Florida | Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture


Florida Frontiers; Native American; Archaeology; Windover; Colonial History; Cuban American; Fishing; Folklife