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The Grove in Tallahassee

This episode discusses the grounds, architecture, restoration, and history of The Grove, the former home of Florida Governors Richard Keith Call and LeRoy Collins.

Mark-In Point: 01:22 Length: 13:22

1513 Moment - The Yamassee War

The conflict between the Yamassee Indians and the British in 1715 is explored. The Yamassee Indians, once allies to the British, initiated the uprising after learning about British intentions to kill Yamassee men and sell Yamassee women and children into slavery.

Mark-In Point: 14:40 Length: 01:42

Okeechobee Pogey Bill

This episode focuses on moon shining in the city of Okeechobee during the early 1900s and the eventual clean-up of the town by Sheriff Pogey Bill.

Mark-In Point: 16:28 Length: 06:00

Florida's Tabloid Valley

This broadcast discusses the rise of tabloid journalism in Florida and the United States.

Mark-In Point: 22:30 Length: 05:11

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SEGMENTS | The Grove in Tallahassee | 1513 Moment - The Yamassee War | Okeechobee Pogey Bill | Florida's Tabloid Valley


Florida Frontiers; Politics; Historic Preservation; Native American; Colonial History; Cracker Culture; Crime; Journalism