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Jackson Walker - "Legendary Florida Artist"

Artist Jackson Walker discusses his "Legendary Florida" series of oil paintings. He talks about using art to re-explore Florida history.

Mark-In Point: 01:15 Length: 13:18

1513 Moment - British Shipwreck

Historian Dr. James Cusick discusses Jonathan Dickinson, survivor of a British shipwreck in 1696, who wrote a journal about his nine-week trek from Jupiter Inlet to St. Augustine.

Mark-In Point: 14:34 Length: 01:41

Swamp Cabbage

This program features an interview with an Indian County resident about the tradition of harvesting, preparing, and eating swamp cabbage. Also called heart of palm, swamp cabbage is considered a delicacy in Florida Cracker culture.

Mark-In Point: 16:20 Length: 05:15

Florida Jewish Heritage Trail

Author Rachel Heimovics talks about the Florida Jewish Heritage Trail. She discusses the large Jewish population in Florida and its experiences, histories, and contributions.

Mark-In Point: 21:40 Length: 06:00

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SEGMENTS | Jackson Walker - "Legendary Florida Artist" | 1513 Moment - British Shipwreck | Swamp Cabbage | Florida Jewish Heritage Trail


Florida Frontiers; Florida Artists; Shipwrecks; Colonial History; Cracker Culture; Agriculture; Jewish History