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Florida Folk Festival, Food

Florida Folk Festival at Stephen Foster State Park

Mary Allgire - The Hot Pepper Steppers

Michael Usina - Menorcan Cast net Maker

Paul Garfinkle - 20 years at Florida Folk Festival

Pedro Zepeda - ah tah thi ki Seminole Museum

Peggy Bulger, Florida Folk Festival orgainzier

Ben Prestage, Florida Blues Musician

Sacred Harp Singers

Florida Folk Festival

Florida Folk Festival, workshops

Frank Thomas, Legendary Florida Folk Musician

George Maza, Cuban Dominoes Demonstrator

Jeffery Forbes, Sweetwater sharp note singers

Liliane Louis,Haitian Storyteller

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Held annually in White Springs along the Suwannee River at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, the Florida Folk Festival is a three-day celebration of folk songs, music, dances, legends, crafts and other forms of traditional expression which reflect the folk life of Florida.

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Florida Frontiers Television

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