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Alternative Title

Florida fruits: how to raise them.

Alternative Title

Harcourt's Florida Fruits and how to raise them.


Horticultural handbook geared to the novice, for growing citrus as well as other types of fruits in Florida.

Table of Contents

Ch. I. Rise and progress of orange culture -- Ch. II. The value of orange groves -- Ch. III. From seed to grove -- Ch. IV. How to bud and graft -- Ch. V. Where to plant -- Ch. VI. Budded trees or seedlings? -- Ch. VII. How to plant -- Ch. VIII. -- How to cultivate -- Ch. IX. Mulching and pruning --Ch. X. How to fertilize -- Ch. XI. Enemies and how to fight them -- Ch. XII. The rust mite -- Ch. XIII. Gathering and packing -- Ch. XIV. About varieties --Ch. XV. Miscellaneous -- Ch. XVI. Lemon culture -- Ch. XVII. Other citrus fruits -- Ch. XVIII. Pine-apples -- Ch. XIX. Guavas and bananas -- Ch. XX. The small fruits -- Ch. XXI. -- Olives and pecans -- Ch. XXII. Cocoa-nuts -- Ch. XXIII. Other tropical fruits -- Ch. XXIV. Grapes -- Ch. XXV. Chinese sand pears -- Ch. XXVI. Figs -- Ch. XXVII. Peaches and plums -- Ch. XXVIII. Japanese persimmon, or date plum -- Ch. XXIX. Evaporating fruits -- Ch. XXX. Odds and ends -- Ch. XXXI. How to use Florida fruits.


Includes index. Electronic reproduction. [Florida] : Florida Board of Education, Division of Colleges and Universities, PALMM Project, 2002. (Florida heritage collection) Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Internet connectivity; Web browser software; Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. Electronically digitized by the University of Central Florida from a book held in the Main Library at the University of Central Florida, Orlando.


Fruit-culture -- Florida; Oranges -- Florida; Agriculture; Economics and Society: Post-Civil War Florida, 1865-1913 -- Business, Agriculture, and Tourism, 1878-1897


Louisville, KY


John P. Morton and Company


347 pages ; 20 cm.



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Florida fruits and how to raise them.



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