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Formation of counties -- Origin and names of Florida counties -- 1. Population of Florida from 1830 to 1945 -- 2. Population of Florida by counties 1830 to 1945 -- 3. Population of Florida by races 1830 to 1945 -- 4. Showing total population by counties and by race and sex -- 5. Population of Florida by minor civil divisions, by race and voting age -- 6. Population state senatorial districts by races and voting age -- 7. Population congressional districts by races and voting age -- 8. Showing increase or decrease in population in number and percent -- 9. Showing white and negro population in number for year 1930 to 1945 -- 10. Area and population of Florida by counties showing total and rural population per square mile -- 11. Urban population for each census year 1915 to 1945 -- 12. Rural population for each census year 1925 to 1945 -- 13. Showing white population six years and under -- 14. Showing negro population six years and under -- 15. White population 7 to 15 years showing number in school -- 16. Negro population 7 to 15 years showing number in school -- 17. Showing population 16 to 20 years by race and sex -- 18. Showing population 21 to 64 years by race and sex -- 19. Showing population 65 years and over by race and sex -- 20. Population of cities, towns and villages, by counties -- 21. Showing total population of cities by race and sex -- 22. Population of Florida cities from earliest census to 1945 -- 23. Nativity of white population by states and countries -- 24. Nativity of negro population by states and countries -- Suggestions to enumerators of 1955 census -- List of county census enumerators 1945 -- Reprint of part of 1940 federal census.


Nathan Mayo, commissioner of agriculture. "Reprint of U. S. Department of Commerce, Florida population census for 1940, by counties, cities, and minor civil divisions": p. [125]-141. Electronic reproduction. [Florida] : Florida Board of Education, Division of Colleges and Universities, PALMM Project, 2002. (Florida heritage collection) Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Internet connectivity; Web browser software; Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. Electronically digitized by the University of Central Florida from a book held in the Main Library at the University of Central Florida, Orlando.


Florida -- Census, 1945; Urban development; Florida in World War II, 1941-1945




N. Mayo, Commissioner of Agriculture


141 pages ; 23 cm.



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The seventh census of the state of Florida, 1945: Taken in accordance with the provisions of chapter 22515 Laws of Florida, Act of Legislature of 1945.



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