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Alternative Title

Report of Board of Control, State of Florida: 1932.

Alternative Title

Report of Board of Control of Florida: 1932.


Report of the Board of Control 1932 issue. The report serial gives financial reports, including budgetary requests and recommendations for the state institutions under the management of the Board, beginning with University of Florida, Florida State College for Women, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negros. Includes independent reports from the presidents of each institution. In 1946, the Ringling Museum of Art came under Board control, continuing up to 1959 when a separate board was established for its administration. In 1948, the Florida State College for Women became Florida State University. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negros became Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in 1953. A report from the newly established University of South Florida appears in the 1956/1958 volume. Planning for Florida Atlantic University is reflected in the 1960/1962 volume followed by a report from its president in the 1962/1964 volume.


The serial runs from 1905/1907 to 1962/1964.
Publication dates from Letters of transmittal.
Reporting period for reports 1905/1907-1907/1909 ends Jan. 1; for 1909/1910-1911/1912 ends Dec. 31; for 1912/1914-1962/64 ends June 30. Report for 1907/1909 mistakenly dated 1908/1909.


Education, Higher -- Florida -- Periodicals; State universities and colleges -- Florida -- Periodicals; Depression and the New Deal Years in Florida, 1930-1941; Florida in World War II, 1941-1945; The Post-War Florida, 1945-1960; Contemporary Florida, 1960-; Education


Tallahassee, Fla.


Board of Control


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Report of the Board of Control: 1932.



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